Putting Garage Door Safety First

Thinking about installing or repairing your garage door? 
Think again. It's a dangerous proposition.

Up to 30,000 injuries occur every year, resulting from homeowners trying to install or repair their own garage doors. And some of the injuries even result in death. The installation, repair, and maintenance of garage doors should always be left to professionals, for reasons of personal safety for you and your family. Here's why:

Installation Gone Wrong:

Homeowners will sometimes try to install their garage doors, and the result is a faulty door. This not only can put the family members at risk for injury--it can also be more costly than if a professional had done the job in the first place. Costs can include buying a new door and system to replace the poorly installed and faulty version. In addition, you can risk injury from working with electric wires, springs, and heavy doors. It's just not worth it. 

Put Down the Tool Kit

The same drama can unfold when a homeowner tries to repair a garage door or system. There is a risk of injury from working with the motor, electric wires, door, and springs--and you will likely just make matters worse, increasing your costs. By calling in a professional and getting a realistic estimate, you are putting safety first and likely saving heartache, time, and money. In fact, a new door could be less costly than the price of repairs. 

Maintenance is a Must

Garage doors are heavy and potentially dangerous equipment that, like all equipment, must be tested regularly to confirm correct functioning. For instance, the sensor that is installed on most garage doors to detect an object under the door could malfunction. A garage door that closes without a sensor is heavy enough to crush a small child or even seriously injure an adult.  Similarly, the emergency release should be working, in case the door sensor does malfunction. These are just two reasons why you want to have a professional check your garage door on a regular basis to ensure proper function. Tip: To test your sensor function, place a piece of wood under the door to make sure it stops before closing on it.

Watch that Door

Garage door safety should always be taught to children. They should not be permitted to handle the garage door opener at any time and need to understand that they must always stay away from the garage door, particularly when it is in motion. In addition, the garage door button should be installed at a level that can only be reached by an adult. Plus, the opener should never be left in a car, where it could be snagged by a thief and used to gain entry to your home. This sort of critical safety and installation information will be provided to you by a trained professional technician. Don't go it alone!

Be Wary of Wires and Springs

The electric wires that are part of the garage door system can be dangerous if improperly installed, and should only be handled by a trained professional. You could cause injury to yourself, others, and your home if the door system is incorrectly wired. In addition, the springs are heavy and if one breaks, it could do so with enough force to cause serious injury or death. Yet another reason to call the pros for installation or repairs.

Hopefully, you will take our advice, and never attempt repairs or installation of garage doors on your own. Contact a professionally trained technician, check their credentials, and congratulate yourself for putting safety first. 

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